1. 6B01110 Pedagogy and psychology
  2. 6B01111 Practic Psychology
  3. 6B01112 Psychology and mediation
  4. 6B01210 Pedagogy of preschool education and training
  5. 6B01310 Primary education pedagogy and methodology
  6. 6B01410 Basic Military Training
  7. 6B01420 Music Education
  8. 6B01430 Fine arts and Drawing
  9. 6B01431 Fine Art, Graphics and Design
  10. 6B01440 Physical Culture and Sport
  11. 6B01450 Professional Education
  12. 6B01451 Labor technology and drawing
  13. 6B01510 Mathematics
  14. 6B01520 Physics
  15. 6B01521 Mathematics-Physics
  16. 6B01522 Physics-Informatics
  17. 6B01530 Computer Science
  18. 6B01531 Mathematics-Computer science
  19. 6B01532 Computer Science and robotics
  20. 6B01540 Chemistry
  21. 6B01541 Chemistry-Biology
  22. 6B01550 Biology
  23. 6B01560 Geography
  24. 6B01561 Geography-History
  25. 6B01610 History
  26. 6B01710 Kazakh language and literature
  27. 6B01720 Russian Language and Literature
  28. 6B01730 Foreign language: two foreign languages
  29. 6B01910 Defektology
  30. 6B01911 Special Pedagogy
  31. 6B02120 Directing
  32. 6B02130 Choreography
  33. 6B02140 Painting
  34. 6B02150 Graphics
  35. 6B02161 Decorative and Applied Arts
  36. 6B02170 Fashion design
  37. 6B02171 Environment design
  38. 6B02210 Philosophy
  39. 6B02211 Religion and philosophy
  40. 6B02220 History
  41. 6B02230 Archaeology and Ethnology
  42. 6B02310 Philology: kazakh language
  43. 6B02311 Philology: Russian Language
  44. 6B02320 Translation Studies
  45. 6B02330 Foreign philology
  46. 6B02331 Foreign Philology:Uzbek language
  47. 6B03110 International relations
  48. 6B03120 Political science
  49. 6B03130 Psychology
  50. 6B03131 Training of psychologists-consultants in the social sphere
  51. 6B03210 Library Science
  1. 6B03211 Library pedagogical activities
  2. 6B03220 Journalism
  3. 6B04120 Management
  4. 6B07088(1) Inspection and technical supervision іn construction
  5. 6B04130 Accounting and Audit
  6. 6B04140 Finance
  7. 6B04150 State and local management
  8. 6B04160 Marketing
  9. 6B04161 IT Marketing
  10. 6B04210 Jurisprudence
  11. 6B04220 International law
  12. 6B04230 Customs affairs
  13. 6B05110 Biology
  14. 6B05120 Biotechnology
  15. 6B05210 Ecology
  16. 6B11088(3) Safety management and steady development
  17. 6B05220 Geography
  18. 6B05310 Physics
  19. 6B05320 Chemistry
  20. 6B05330 Expertize of Substances and Materials in Chemical Engineеring
  21. 6B05340 Chemical, forensic and environmental examination
  22. 6B05410 Маthematics
  23. 6B06110 Computer science
  24. 6B06111 Computer Science and Software Engineering
  25. 6B06120 Information systems
  26. 6B06121 Artificial Intelligence Technologies
  27. 6B06130 Computer engineering and software
  28. 6B06140 Mathematical and computer modeling
  29. 6B06141 Virtual Reality Modeling and Construction
  30. 6B06150 Information and communications technology and security
  31. 6B06210 Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications
  32. 6B07101 Material Science and Evaluation of Ceramics, Glass and Binders
  33. 6B07110 Automation and control
  34. 6B07120 Machine Engineering
  35. 6B07121 Machine Engineering Technology
  36. 6B07122 Foundry Engineering and Metal Forming
  37. 6B07124 Electrotechnical machinery and energy systems engineering
  38. 6B07130 Transport, transport facility and technology
  39. 6B07131 Car Service and branded services
  40. 6B07140 Heat power engineering
  41. 6B07150 Electric Power Engineering
  42. 6B07151 Electric Power Supply
  43. 6B07152 Engineering of electric power systems
  44. 6B07160 Chemical technology of inorganic substances
  45. 6B07170 Chemical Technology of Organic Substances
  46. 6B07172 Oil and gas processing technology
  47. 6B07180 Technological machine and equipment (on branch)
  48. 6B07181 Machines and Equipment of Oil and Gas Industry
  49. 6B07182 Machines and apparatuses of food production
  50. 6B07190 Chemical technology of infusible non-metallic and silicate materials
  1. 6B07210 Oil and gas business
  2. 6B07211 Oil and gas business
  3. 6B07215 Exploitation and maintenance of oil and gas production facilities
  4. 6B07216 Exploitation of gasoilpipelines and gas and oil storage facilities
  5. 6B07220 Mеtallurgy
  6. 6B07088(2) Digital technologies in the production of metals and composite materials
  7. 6B07230 Technology and Design of Light Industry Products
  8. 6B07231 Fashion of Industry and Merchandising of Products of Light Industry
  9. 6B07241 Technology of vegetable oils and fats
  10. 6B07242 Technology of milk and dairy products
  11. 6B07244 Food technologies and catering in small and medium-sized businesses
  12. 6B07245 Technologies of meat and meat products
  13. 6B07250 Technology of processing productions
  14. 6B07252 The technology of sugary substances and sugar confectionery products
  15. 6B07253 Food safety and engineering
  16. 6B07260 Technology and projecting of textile materials
  17. 6B07261 Innovative textiles, design and decor
  18. 6B07270 Pharmaceutical production technology
  19. 6B07271 Technology of Pharmaceutical, Perfumery and Cosmetic Products
  20. 6B07280 Technology production and processing of polymers
  21. 6B07310 Architecture
  22. 6B07311 Town Planning
  23. 6B07320 Civil engineering
  24. 6B07321 Technology of industrial and civil engineering
  25. 6B07322 Construction of roads and airfields
  26. 6B07330 Water Supply, Sewerage and Water Resources Protection
  27. 6B07340 Production of building materials, products and constructions
  28. 6B07350 Land management
  29. 6B07360 Cadastre
  30. 6B07510 Standardization and Certification (by industry)
  31. 6B07513 Мetrology
  32. 6B08110 Agronomy
  33. 6B08120 Soil science and agrochemistry
  34. 6B08130 Plant protection and quarantine
  35. 6B08140 Fruit and vegetable growing
  36. 6B08210 Production technology of livestock products
  37. 6B08610 Water resources and water use
  38. 6B08710 Agricultural Engineering and Technology
  39. 6B09111 Veterinary medicine
  40. 6B11110 Tourism
  41. 6B11111 Restaurant and hotel business
  42. 6B11120 Cultural and Leisure Work
  43. 6B11121 Technology of theatrical performance and producing
  44. 6B11124 Cultural and leisure activities and pop singing
  45. 6B11130 Management of Vocal and Choral Activities
  46. 6B11210 Life safety and environmental protection
  47. 6B11310 Transportation and traffic organization and transport operation
  48. 6B11311 The organization of transportations on railway transport
  49. 6B11312 Transport logistics
  50. 6B11410 Social work
  51. 6В04110 Economy
  52. 6B11150 Sports management, leisure and coaching activities
  53. 6B11141 Sports managment swimming and coaching

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