The list of additional educational programs - MINOR of M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University




The list of additional educational programs - MINOR

 of M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University

  1. Fundamentals of technological processes
  2. Technology of chemical and electrochemical productions
  3. Expertize of chemical technologies
  4. Technology of mineral fertilizers
  5. Technology of raw materials preparation and production of metals
  6. Technology of cement, ceramics and glass
  7. Technology of cement, glass, ceramics and refractory products
  8. Ecology and the «green economy»
  9. Ecology and technosphere safety
  10. Resource-saving, low-waste and non-waste technologies
  11. Chemistry and technology of pharmaceutical production
  12. Technology of oil and gas processing processes
  13. Industrial biotechnology
  14. Modern technologies of virtual design
  15. Calculation and design of reinforced concrete structures
  16. Design of buildings and structures of industrial and civil construction using modern computer technology
  17. Technical operation and reliability of transport equipment
  18. Transport logistics
  19. Safety of technological processes and productions
  20. Environmental foundations of architectural design and construction
  21. Industrial sustainable development
  22. Textiles in the interior
  23. Food safety
  24. Fashion industry
  25. Information systems in business
  26. Additional chapters of mathematical and computer modeling
  27. Distributed еlectric power supply
  28. Intellectual systems of the electric drive
  29. Information technologies in law
  30. Control of robotic systems and electric drive
  31. Organization of control, protection and electric power supply for communication systems
  32. Drilling of oil and gas wells
  33. Development of oil and gas fields
  34. Technological maintenance of gas and oil pipelines and gas and oil storage facilities
  35. Metrology and product quality
  36. Engineering of technological equipment for chemical production
  37. Food enterprise engineering
  38. Machinery and equipment for oil and gas processing
  39. Technology and Devices of  Electrical Engineering
  40. Modern technologies in mechanical engineering
  41. Technology and equipment of modern automated and robotic welding production
  42. Foundry and forming processes
  43. Water management facilities
  44. Technical systems in agribusiness
  45. Expertise and land management
  46. Beekeeping
  47. Goatbreeding
  48. Poultry
  49. Agronomy for processing crop products
  50. Technology of application of fertilizers
  51. Veterinary sanitary examination of livestock products
  52. Tutoring in inclusive education
  53. Psychology in the educational environment
  54. Psychology and mediation
  55. Practical psychology
  56. Speech therapy
  57. Basic work to eliminate speech disorder of primary school students
  58. The methodology of speech development of children of pre-school age with peculiarities of speech violation
  59. Vocal singing
  60. Music and computer program (finale)
  61. Civil defense
  62. Healing fitness
  63. Digital art
  64. Popsinging
  65. Culture of social success
  66. Social-pedagogical work in educational institutions
  67. Media journalism
  68. Journalism and mass media
  69. English for hotel, tourism business and aviation
  70. "theory, stylistics and critique of translation" (uzbek language)
  71. Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-kazakh language of instruction
  72. Costume design
  73. Engineering pedagogy
  74. Boundary-value problems of mathematical physics
  75. Solving the problems of increased difficulty
  76. Information security
  77. Digitalization of education
  78. Physics of alloys
  79. Methods of teaching physics and astronomy at school
  80. Experimental condensed matter physics
  81. Theory and methods of teaching physics at school
  82. Chemistry teaching methodology
  83. Financial institutions: activities, strategy and technologies
  84. Organization of accounting in accordance with international standards for financial reporting
  85. Economy and management of business
  86. Economy and business
  87. Tourism and hospitality
  88. Main directions of foreign policy
  89. International practice of producing foreign economic payments
  90. Legal support for forensic activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  91. Legal support of information security
  92. Qualification of crimes in the economic activity, against personality, corruption and official offenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  93. Application of law of international contracts responsibility and international criminal law in national and international legal practice
  94. Legal provision of the state service in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  95. Business management and communications




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