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NLC «M.Auezov South Kazakhstan university»

announces competition for the positions of the teaching staff:

Higher school of «Textile and food engineering»: Dean - 1unit     

Faculty of Culture and Art: Vice dean for Research and Innovation-1unit

Department of  «Mathematics»: Head of the Department -1unit

Department of  «Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering»: Senior teacher  -1 unit

Department of  «Technology of inorganic and petrochemical industries»:Associate Professor-1unit

Department of  «Food engineering»: Teacher  - 1unit

Department of  «Information systems and modeling»: Senior teacher  -1unit

Department of  «Computing and software»: Senior teacher  -1unit

Department of  «Information and Communication Technologies»: Teacher  -2unit

Department of  «Chemistry»: Teacher  -1unit

Department of  «Veterinary medicine»: Teacher  -1unit

Department of  «Building Materials and Expertise in Construction»:Professor -1unit ,  Senior teacher  -1unit

Department of  «Higher Mathematics and Physics for technical specialties»:Senior teacher  -1unit

Department of  «Standardization and certification»:Senior teacher  -1unit

Department of  «Civil Law and Civil Procedure»: Professor-1unit , Senior teacher  -1unit , Teacher  -1unit

Department of  «International relations and international law»:Associate Professor-1unit

Department of  «Fine arts and design»:Senior teacher  -2 unit

Department of  «Fine Arts, Technology and Music Education»: Associate Professor-2unit

Department of  «Cultural-Leisure and Stage Activities»: Senior teacher  - 1unit

Department of  «Art»: Teacher  - 1unit

Department of  «General Pedagogy and Psychology»: Senior teacher  -1unit

Department of  «History of Kazakhstan»: Senior teacher  -1unit

Department of  «Theory and methodology of preschool and primary education»: Teacher  - 1unit

Department of  «Foreign language for the humanitarian specialties»: Teacher  -2unit

Department of  «Physical education for economics, law and agrarian specialties»: Senior teacher  -1unit

Department of  «Physical education for technical specialties»: Senior teacher  -1unit

Department of  «International tourism and service»: Senior teacher  -1unit

Application deadline: no later than 21 calendar days from the date of publication of the announcement.
(Newspapers No.19 (30748) «Egemen Qazaqstan», No.19 (30146) «Казахстанская правда» published on  January 29, 2024).    

The last day and time for receiving documents is February 18, 2024, 18-00 hours.  

Our address: Shymkent, Taukekhan ave., 5, room 215, (educational building No.3), secretary of the Tender Committee, tel. 8- (7252) -21-01-45,

Note: 1. The list of tender documents will be posted on the official website of the M.Auezov South Kazakhstan University (

2. The tender documents can be submitted in scanned form by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  

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