Scientific Center "History and Ethnology"

Torgautova Sholpan Ashiralievna 
Head of the scientific center "History and Ethnology", 
Executive editor of the republican scientific journal "QAZAQTANY"

address: Shymkent, 160012,

Building B, office 205

tel.: +7-701-647-15-14

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Torgautova Sholpan Ashiralievna


The main functions of the Research Center "History and Ethnology" are:
The main functions of the Scientific Center History and Ethnology " are:


  • Participation in the conduct of R&D necessary for the development and implementation of standards and other scientific works in the field of history and ethnology research;
  • Providing services to university departments within their field of activity and presenting information on the results in the prescribed manner;
  • Conclusion of contracts with scientific and educational institutions, commercial firms and companies for the development and transfer of business projects;
  • Development of promising forms of scientific cooperation with branches of the national economy, with educational institutions and firms of foreign countries for the purpose of joint research;
  • SC "I&E", within the limits granted to it by the legislation and the charter of the university, manages the property assigned to it and prepares agreements with other organizations to conclude on behalf of the university;
  • provision on a contractual basis of services to scientific, educational institutions and individuals for conducting research, introducing innovations in the educational process;
  • Improving the quality of training of specialists through the active use of the results of research in the educational process, the widespread involvement of students;
  • Organization of advanced training of specialists of nc "sie" and their certification in accordance with the current recommendations and regulations;
  • Contribute to the successful solution of urgent scientific problems of the educational system;
  • active use of the results of scientific research in the educational process when creating textbooks and teaching aids, the widespread involvement of university staff and students in the implementation of research and development, the formation of scientific schools and highly qualified research teams;
  • legal protection of objects of intellectual property and copyright developed at the university;
  • prompt and timely notification of university departments about research activities, systematization and generalization of statistical data on research.

Scientific publications


Republican scientific journal "QAZAQTANÝ" - registered with the Information Committee of the Ministry of Information and Communications on January 15, 2019 in accordance with the order "On registration, re-registration of a periodical print publication, news agency and online publication" and issued certificate No. 17493-g.
Mukhtar Auezov South Kazakhstan University, in accordance with the above certificate, on January 30, 2019, issued an order on the editorial board of the scientific publication No. 39-нқ. Received ISSN 2708-0897 for a scientific journal. On the basis of agreement No. 260 dated July 05, 2019, it was entered into the database of the Russian Scientific Citation Index RSCI, where each published edition is entered.
For the distribution of publications to republican institutions, the republican scientific journal "QAZAQTANÝ" was included in the catalog of newspapers and magazines of the Joint Stock Company "Kazpost" with the index 76112.
In addition, it acts in pursuance of the strategic plan of the SKU named after M. Auezov for 2019-2023, 2020-2025, the implementation of the article "Looking into the future: modernization of public consciousness" dated 04/12/2017, "Seven Facets of the Great Steppe" 21.11. 2018, special projects of the program "Modernization of public consciousness", 7 principles of the article "Seven pillars of statehood" of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - N.A. Nazarbayev dated November 24, 2021, and the program article of the Head of State K.K. Tokayev "Independence is above all" dated January 5, 2021, which have become a purposeful document for a qualitative and in-depth approach and development of the scientific, historical, cultural, socio-economic and political, pedagogical, creative and philological direction in higher education of the republic through scientific publications in this direction.
The purpose of the journal: a deep understanding of the issues raised in the articles and conducting extensive research, in order to achieve the set goals, the systematization of research work based on the creation of international multidisciplinary teams, in which, along with Kazakh scientists, foreign specialists will be involved, to contribute to the formation of historical consciousness, the dissemination of new ideas .
The scientific journal was established to publish the results of scientific research in the field of the humanities, pedagogy, philology and creative areas. Important results of a theoretical analytical nature, scientific articles of practical significance, discussion materials on topical issues in the field of fundamental and applied research of a methodical, applied and experimental nature of academic teachers, undergraduates, doctoral students, specialists from other organizations of the republican and international level.
Thematic headings of the journal -
the direction of the humanities:history of Kazakhstan; rehabilitation of victims of political repressions; General history; archeology; ethnology; Turkology; archive business; museum business; librarianship; political science; philosophy; cultural studies; jurisprudence; international relationships; economy; sociology; local history;
direction of pedagogical sciences: pedagogy and teaching methods; psychology and inclusive education.
direction of philological sciences: thematic headings: linguistics and literature; language learning in a cognitive aspect is the basis of intercultural communication;
creative direction: art (music; choreography, theater); fine arts and design (vocational training). The conclusion about the possibility of publishing an article in the journal is made on the basis of
the conclusions of the editorial board of the journal, the composition of which was approved by the order of the Chairman of the Board - Rector of the SKU named after M. Auezov.
The Republican scientific journal "QAZAQTANÝ" is issued 4 times a year, every quarter: at the end of March, June, September, December. working languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.
As a result of 3 years of work from 2019 to 2021, the total number of members of the editorial board by industry was 51 people; from SKU named after M. Auezov - 31 people; members of the editorial board (at the level of the Republic of Kazakhstan) - 14 people; members of the editorial board (at the international level) - 6 people. On the basis of agreement No. 260 dated July 05, 2019, it was entered into the RSCI database and issued 4 times a year. Base RSCI magazine "QAZAQTANÝ".
Since January 2021, the scientific publication has included in the main task the implementation of the article of the Head of State of Kazakhstan - K.K. such as museums, archives, libraries, secondary and vocational schools, through collaborative research and publication of results.
It should be noted that the state priorities for the development of scientific research are dictated by urgent problems in Kazakhstani society.
Since 2022, the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of development of fundamental, applied, interdisciplinary research in social sciences has improved the areas of humanitarian research, paying special attention to the modernization and sustainable development of the economy; problems of social modernization; problems of sociology, sociolinguistics, ethnology, ethnopolitics, conflictology, humanitarian geography, interethnic relations and ethnoconfessional relations; problems of modern international relations of international law, global, regional and transboundary geopolitical, geo-economic, geospatial processes. Research in the field of personality cognition and archeology, the problems of traditional Kazakh art, on which scientific research is being carried out, remain relevant.
Such areas as the study of theoretical and methodological problems of national history stand out as special; theoretical and methodological problems of archeology in the context of new paradigms of national history, spiritual shrines of Kazakhstan, humanitarian informatics, national unity, peace and harmony, common history and culture, literature and language, traditions and values ​​in the context of society modernization, Kazakhstan in the world system of historical processes of the twentieth -XXI centuries.
From the 2021-2022 academic year, the Scientific Center in pilot mode conducted 3 scientific internships and advanced training courses on the topic “Upgrade - modernization of consciousness”, “New Kazakhstan: new horizons of education and science”, from October 10 to October 15, 2021 in volume 36 hours 87 people, from May 27 to June 14, 2022 with a volume of 72 hours 69 people, where undergraduates, PhD doctoral students of universities, teachers and methodologists of schools and colleges, researchers from museums in Shymkent and the Turkestan region are involved.
The scientific center was aimed at introducing new areas of work, involving in joint scientific research, increasing competence in scientific and scientific and educational activities, promoting the development of professional skills, developing scientific and publishing activities, as well as forming and consolidating professional knowledge, skills and abilities to conduct their own scientific research obtained as a result of familiarization with innovative technologies of scientific research in the relevant industries or areas of activity in narrow areas.
With each issue, the journal also publishes young scientists and employees of the departments of culture and education of the secondary school, TVE of museums, archives, who have undergone scientific training at the scientific center. QAZAQTANY magazine.
Editorial team
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