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Citizens of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, the Russian Federation, Afghanistan, the People's Republic of China, Turkey, the Netherlands, and the USA study at the M. Auezov South Kazakhstan University.


As part of the University:

  1. department of adaptation and support;
  2. departments of Nostricification and apostille work.


1506 foreign students study full-time, 3301 foreign students study at the Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies of the University on evening and distance learning forms. The total number of international students is 4,807, or more than 20% of the total number of all students. The university has created all conditions for fruitful education and training of competitive specialists for international students. There are spacious and bright lecture halls, modern laboratories, computer classes, libraries and reading rooms rich in professional literature. The university has preparatory courses (foundation), where foreign applicants study languages, history and specialized subjects. Ethnic Kazakhs from among the citizens of foreign countries have the opportunity to study on a grant basis, provided they successfully pass the Unified National Testing. At the beginning of this academic year, 100 foundation students did not miss such an opportunity.


The Center for International Relations of the University provides visa support to students and closely cooperates with the migration services of Kazakhstan.


The structural divisions of the university (deans of faculties and higher schools, the center for work with foreign students, the student service center) held online meetings with foreign students in September to coordinate and assist in the payment of tuition, the educational process, preparation for the examination session using the ZOOM platform and other means of communication.


Auezov buddy club operates on the basis of the university. This is a volunteer non-governmental organization from among students, which provides comprehensive support to foreign students for rapid adaptation to new socio-cultural conditions.


The work on the social adaptation of foreign students is also coordinated. I examined and familiarized myself with all the rooms of the university's student dormitories on all floors, kitchens and sanitary conditions.


The dormitories of the university are currently inhabited by:


12 students of Uzbekistan in dormitory №1,

15 students of Uzbekistan in dormitory № 2,

3 students of Uzbekistan in dormitory №4,

74 students of Turkmenistan,

3 students of Uzbekistan in dormitory №5,

19 students of Uzbekistan,

1 student of Turkmenistan in dormitory №7.


The staff of the Center for Work with Foreign Students inform the management and find optimal solutions to problems arising in connection with the living conditions and health of foreign students in dormitories.


* Prepares and submits reports on the composition of the contingent of foreign citizens studying in all forms of education and keeps records of foreign students.

* provides assistance to foreign citizens in the process of establishing the equivalent of the level of education received in foreign countries, the level of Kazakh education (nostrification).


The Center for Work with Foreign Students maintains close ties with consulates general, embassies, authorities. In order to clarify the procedure of apostille and nostrification of foreign students studying at the Faculty and Higher School of the University, the Center for work with foreign students on schedule in December organized a meeting with the Deputy Dean for Education, mentors of groups, together with whom the full apostille and nostrification of documents of foreign students is carried out.




In connection with the presidential elections of the Republic of Uzbekistan on October 24, 2021, he ensured the participation of Uzbek citizens studying at the university in an event held in Shymkent (in the building of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan).


In honor of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Shymkent City Museum of Victims of Political Repression on November 12, 2021, the Center for Work with Foreign Students held an event on the theme "Tauelsizdik and Alash Arys" with the participation of foreign students.


On December 10, 2021, an open-air event "Tauelsizdik shezhire" was held, which was attended by foreign students of the Faculty of History and Pedagogy. In an open conversation with foreign students living in university dormitories, issues of internal regulations are discussed.


The work of the department "Adaldyk Alany", "Parasat", which works at the university, is also widely discussed. The meeting of the Consuls General of the Republic of Uzbekistan D. Sabirov and J. Abdukarimov with students and undergraduates of the Republic of Uzbekistan studying at the University took place on 04/16/2022.

On May 21, 2022, a trip was made to Turkestan and Otyrar in order to familiarize foreign students studying at the educational institution named after M. Auezov, with the history, culture and sacred places of our country, organized in the direction of "historical knowledge"- "journey to Kazakhstan".

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