Psychological support center

Address: Shymkent city,

Tauke khan avenue, 5.

(main building, cabinet 352)

Phone: 8747 836 08 07

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  • The purpose of creating a PC is to create socio-psychological conditions for the organization of the educational process of the university, ensure the psychological protection of students and teachers, staff, support and strengthen their mental health.


  • Increase of psychological culture and stress resistance among students and employees, especially in the field of teaching and interpersonal communication;
  • Psychological assistance in social adaptation to changing socio-economic conditions;
  • Identify the main problems of participants in the educational process and the reasons for their occurrence, ways and means to solve them; • To promote personal, intellectual and professional development of students in the process of studying at universities;
  • Providing psychological support to participants in the educational process in difficult and extreme conditions;
  • Creation of social, psychological, pedagogical and professional conditions for the creative development of students;
  • Psychological support of students with special needs;
  • providing psychological assistance to foreign students
  • Increase of psychological competence of university teachers with modern youth;
  • Assisting the teaching staff in coordinating the socio-psychological climate at the university;
  • Assistance in providing scientific and methodological materials and guides in the field of psychology of the teaching staff of the University;
  • Organization of psychological support and counseling of participants in the educational process, if necessary;
  • Organization and holding of psychological trainings, master classes, seminars in the context of professional development of psychologists, teachers, university teachers, practicing psychologists of medical institutions, penitentiary institutions, law enforcement bodies, military units of educational institutions.


  • psychologicalcounseling;
  • psychological diagnosis (individual and group);
  • trainings of socio-psychological orientation (aimed at the formation of certain skills and skills, such as partnership skills and confidence-building skills);
  • personal orientation trainings (aimed at adjusting internal states);
  • image-classes;
  • Arttherapy
  • Gestalttherapy
  • holding thematic weeks (anti-smoking, against drugs, image of an educational institution, open day in the psychological service);
  • holding "round tables" and conferences with students and undergraduates, psychologists, general education institutions, etc.

Invite other qualified specialists in the field of psychotherapy and practical psychologists.

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160012, Shymkent City, Tauke khan avenue, 5


(8-725-2) 21-01-41

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