1. Position About observance of rules of internal regulations in hostels of the SKSU name of M.Auezova



About observance of rules of internal regulations in hostels of the South Kazakhstan state University name of M.Auezova

  1. Generalities

1.1.In Accordance with the Charter of the South Kazakhstan state University. M. Auezova (hereinafter
SKSU. M. Auezova) young professionals, undergraduates, doctoral students full-time
students are provided with a place in the hostel.

1.2.Places in the dormitories of SKSU. M. Auzova usually provided for 1 year of study.
in addition to the summer holidays.

1.3.Rented buildings, equipment, property of the hostel completely
belong to the state property.

1.4.Every young specialist, undergraduate, doctoral student who has applied for the acquisition of
places in the hostel by mutual consent and mutual responsibility with the commandant
the hostel must provide the following documents:
Statement written to the head of the hostel:

  • Order from the place of submission of the relevant institution for accommodation in the hostel
    (faculty / high school);
  • about payment for accommodation in the hostel;
  • Health certificate form 086U;
  • ID;
  • Certificate from the place of residence;
  • Photo 3x4 (two copies).

1.5.The property of the hostel is provided for use to each of its residents.
Responsibility for the safety of the property is fully vested in the recipient;

1.6.All residents receive temporary registration to stay in the hostel and receive

1.7.For residents of the hostel, the entrance and exit times are set from 07: 00 am to 23: 00 am. Entry and exit to the hostel after the specified time is prohibited;

1.8.For guests of the hostel the time is set from 12: 00 of the day in the afternoon to 19: 00 in the evening. Camest the guest and the resident of the hostel who invited the guest leave the security confirmation personalities. Guests are responsible for compliance with the internal regulations of the hotel.

1.9.Parents arriving to learn about the state of young professionals, undergraduates,
doctoral students living in the dormitory are temporarily placed in the parents ' room;

1.10.The commandants of the hostel familiarize each resident with the following rules:

  • Regulations on compliance with the rules of internal regulations of the hostel;
  • The provisions on safety;
  • Regulation on the use of electrical appliances;
  • Regulation on non-observance of sanitary norms.

          1.11.Deadline for submission of documents from august 20 to September 20.

   2. The rights and obligations of residents of dormitories SKSU.

  1. Rights of hostel residents:
  • Maintain compliance with internal regulations in the room;
  • Effective use of property, equipment, educational and cultural
    facilities (reading room, computer room, recreation room);
  • Election to the Council of self-government of the hostel;
  • Repair of modern type or replacement of furniture and other property in accordance with requirements of sanitary standards, as well as prevention and elimination of deficiencies domestic needs;
  • Young professionals, undergraduates, doctoral students have the right to hold festive evenings (discos, art competitions, meetings, etc.) with the permission of the Director Department of youth work and youth policy, specialists responsible for educational work, responsible teachers in hostels,
    the head of the hostel until 23: 00 at night.

                        2.2 Duties of hostel residents:

  • Strictly adhere to internal regulations in hostels, the rules of fire
    safety, rules of use of electrical appliances, compliance with sanitary standards safety regulations;
  • At the entrance to the hostel to present a pass without warning the security service;
  • Preservation of state property in hostels, observance of cleanliness on
    the territory of the hostel, economical use of heat, electricity and water;
  • When leaving the room, close Windows, doors, turn off electrical appliances light;
  • Keep clean rooms and public areas, conduct daily cleaning;
  • To hand over to the commandant of a hostel a spare key from a room;
  • Compensation for material damage caused on its part in accordance with
    internal regulation;
  • Not to object to the staff of management checking a condition of rooms and places public use;
  • Observe the internal ethical regime of the hostel, in which there is peace and respect.

                   2.3.It is prohibited in the hostel:

  • To enter, leave without a pass;
  • Arbitrarily move from one room to another, move property from one
    places to other;
  • Breaking furniture, doors, room walls and wall stands, posters, tables,
    announcements, etc.;
  • To live with strangers in his room (to issue a pass and keys to the
    the premises of a third person);
  • To break down the door, to organize an independent repair work, disassemble and to change the locks, remodel furniture;
  • Carrying out repair of electric networks in hostels without coordination of the commandant replacement of lighting lamps, installation of additional power consumption lines;
  • Leave strangers in the room;
  • Come to the hostel drunk, take drugs, drink alcohol drinks and tobacco smoking in the hostel;
  • Organization of activities that can be used for commercial purposes (office,
    production, storage, trade, service, etc.);
  • Organize noisy parties that have a negative impact on learning disturb the rest of other residents of the hostel;
  • To include sound devices, radio, to raise the sound going out of limits of the room in night time (from 23: 00 to 07: 00 am);
  • Keep Pets such as cat, dog, bird etc;
  • Go to the roof of the hostel, sit on the windows and go out the window;
  • No reason to leave the hostel after 23: 00 at night;
  • Use of electric stoves in the room;
  • Storage of any cold weapon;
  • Show no respect to residents and employees of the hostel;
  • To create disputes with foreign citizens hostel;
  • Pick up things belonging to the property of the hostel.
  1. Self - government of residents of the hostel.
    1. In order to ensure the safety of living in the hostel and improve the quality of-
      household, sports, healthy lifestyle, residents of the hostel elect the Chairman
      of the Council of government dormitories. Members of the Council of self government employees of hostels and
      specialists of the Department of youth work and youth policy together with
      the University trade Union represents the interests of the residents of the hostel.
    2. The Council of self-government-exercises control over the activities of the elders on the floors of the building,
      carries out systematic work according to sanitary standards, independently
      organizes public works on the territory of the hostel.
    3. Decisions taken by Council members of the Council of self-government with the commandant hostels are mandatory for all residents of the hotel.
    4. The head of the sections is appointed by the decision of the Counsil of the self-government. On the headman is assigned control over compliance with sanitary standards as well as the festive entertainment, artistic meetings, spiritual patriotic activities, meetings etc. To improve the lives of the hostel.


            Rights and duties of teachers on duty..

4.1. According to the approved order by the deans of faculties, higher schools, the director college in the hostel appointed duty teacher in the evening times 19:00 to 23:00 ;

4.2. While on duty in the event of negative consequences, incidents of dekan faculties, higher schools, the director college, security service, specialists Department of youth affairs and youth policy (information should be provide in written form);

4.3. Employee-teacher, taking over according to the schedule, according to the
he cannot appear at the appointed time immediately warns the Director
Department of youth work and youth policy. In case of early retirement
teacher who is on the list without warning late or no show without
a valid reason receives a reprimand provided by the rules of internal labor
regulations of University.


5. Rights n duties of security officers n protection of law and order

5.1.Security and law enforcement Officers during the shift are responsible for
safety of all students in student dormitories (in the prescribed manner not to allow
to check documents on each inhabitant, not to let out strangers without respectful
for residents of the hostel after 23: 00 hours, to prevent and suppress violations and
offenses on the territory of the hostel).

5.2.Security and law enforcement Officers on duty in the hostel
directly subordinate to the leadership of the Department of youth and youth

5.3.Security and law enforcement Officers on duty in the hostel,
must respect the interaction with the other employees of the dormitory and student
youth in accordance with the requirements of corporate ethics of the University.

5.4.In case of negligent attitude of security officers to their work on
the recommendation of the Director of the Department of youth Affairs and youth policy imposes
disciplinary sanctions (in case of leaving the workplace unattended, gambling,
card games, computer games, video games, in case of entry of unauthorized persons without
submission of documents).


            6. Awards and disciplinary action

6.1. For active participation in improving the living conditions of residents of the hostel members of the Council local governments can receive the following awards from the akimat of the relevant faculty, higher school, Department of youth work and youth policy and trade Union University's:

  • letter of thanks;
  • monetary compensation.

            6.2. For violation of these Rules residents of the hostel to apply the following measures:

  • toreprimand;
  • warning about expulsion from school and leaving the hostel.

            6.3. Disciplinary punishment is imposed by the rector, the Director of the Department for work with youth and youth policy, head of the student hostel Department, the commandant of the hostel and the trade Union of the University.


            7.  Term of delivery

7.1 Rules of internal regulations in the dormitories of SKSU. M. Auezov discussed at
Academic Council and come into force from the moment of approval by the rector of the University.


    2. Information on the creation of an online portal at the university for the allocation of places in student accommodation of SKSU named after M. Auezova



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