Department for education and youth policy

Address:                                 Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent city,
                                               160012, Tauke khan   avenue 5,
                                               SKSU named after M. Auezov,
                                               main copus, 262 office.
Phone:                                   8 (7252) 21-46-77


The Department for educational work and youth policy is a division of the South Kazakhstan University.M. Auezov.


The main tasks:

- implementation of the quality Policy and Goals of SKU;

- fulfillment of quality obligations and requirements of the quality management system;

- monitor the work of the University's Board of curators;

- aimed at educating student youth, purposeful systematic formation of personality in order to prepare for active participation in the social, industrial and cultural life of the Republic, to change the approaches, principles and nature of educational work.


Main functions and goals:

-  Formation of an intellectual nation, whose representatives have not only competitive knowledge, creative thinking, but also high civil and moral principles, a sense of patriotism and social responsibility;

-  Developing students ' diverse interests and abilities;

-  Promotion of the state policy and state programs of the Republic of Kazakhstan among teachers and students;

-  Educating the personality of teachers and students in the spirit of Kazakhstan patriotism;

-  Prevention of offenses among students;

-  Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of drug addiction among students;

- Organization, management and monitoring of all activities carried out in accordance with the plan of educational work of the University;

-  Coordination, control, and analysis of curators ' work in academic groups;

-  Coordination and direction of student activity, providing active assistance in the implementation of student initiatives;

- Cooperation with Universities of the Republic and the region on the problems of education of students;

- Collaboration with youth non-governmental organizations in the implementation of youth policy;

-  Cooperation with the Department of internal policy and youth centers for youth Affairs of the Republic, region and city.

-  Cooperation with national and regional mass media;

-  Advise socially vulnerable students about the state program, as well as the University's proposed assistance.


The Department of educational work operates in the following 10 areas:


1. Organizational work;

2. Civil-Patriotic and legal education;

3. Spiritual and moral education;

4. Professional and labor education;

5. Formation of religious tolerance;

6. Physical education and healthy lifestyle development;

7. Ecological education;

8. Development of intellectual and communicative culture;

9. Cultural-aesthetic and multicultural education;

10.Development of student self-government and youth initiatives.


The Department for education and youth policy consists of the following departments:

Project office "Rouhani air»
Department for work with foreign students
Adaptation and support Department
Apostille and nostrification Department

Structure of the Department of educational work and youth policy:


Activities of the youth center

- protect the rights and responsibilities of students;

- development of Patriotic and civic spirit in students;

- attracting students to youth programs;

- increasing the level of educational and research work;

- organization of intellectual, sports, cultural and political events in academic buildings and dormitories of the University.


Activities of the center «Psychological assistance to students»

- Development of psychological culture and stress tolerance among students and employees, especially in the field of teaching and interpersonal communication;

- Psychological assistance in social adaptation to changing socio-economic conditions; 

- Identification of the main psychological problems of participants in the educational process, their causes, ways and means of solving them;

- To promote personal, intellectual and professional development of students in the process of studying at the University;

- Creating social, psychological, pedagogical and professional conditions for creative development of students;

- Improving the psychological competence of University teachers and modern youth.


Аctivities Social assistance for students

- assistance in obtaining assistance from the state to students from socially vulnerable groups;

- The Department advises and accepts incoming students, as well as implements the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 320 and the provision «on granting discounts to students at the South Kazakhstan state University named after M. Auezov», the program "Preferential educational lending", " Student social credit»;

- work with students who live in the hostel according to the rules of the " internal regulations of the hostel» ;

- organization of social work at the University;

-  observation of non-admission of legal violations and transparency with the help of socially vulnerable students.


Аctivities of the departments «Parasat»

-  Ensuring control over the preparation and implementation of anti-corruption measures;

- Organization of explanatory work in the team among the employees and students of the University of the main priorities contained in the recommendations of the Project office «Adaldyk alany», «Sanaly Urpaq» of the Agency for combating corruption;

- Ensuring cooperation with the authorized state bodies in the field of combating corruption, creating partnerships with public anti-corruption organizations;

- Implementation of explanatory, organizational, coordination work on the project "Ambassador of good".


Activities of the Department « Assembly of people of  Kazakhstan»

- coordination, promotion and explanation of the state policy pursued by the Head of state and the Assembly of people of  Kazakhstan in the field of inter-ethnic harmony, political stability, inter-ethnic tolerance, friendship and cooperation of various ethnic groups;

- explanation of the annual Address Of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other General policy documents among the teaching staff, students, and the population;

- fostering interethnic and interreligious tolerance among students and teachers;

- providing services to University departments within the scope of the Department's activities and providing information about the results in accordance with the established procedure;

- conclusion of agreements and memoranda with scientific, educational and state institutions of the region.


Activities of the project office «Rukhani zhagyru»

- plans, organizes and monitors the implementation of the program «Rukhani Zhangyru»;

- organization of the work of the University's expert Commission on reviewing small projects «Rukhani Zhangyru» prepared by the University's faculty;

- modernization of public consciousness in six priority areas of students, faculty and technical staff as a result of the implementation of the program «Rukhani Zhangyru»;

- preparation for the publication of the republican scientific journal «QAZAQTANÝ», work with authors, an editorial board and experts. Work on the dissemination of the republican scientific journal «QAZAQTANÝ»  in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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160012, Shymkent City, Tauke khan avenue, 5


(8-725-2) 21-01-41

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