8D07220 Metallurgy




Name of the EP

8D07220 Metallurgy

Code and Classification of Education

8D07 Engineering, manufacturing and Civil engineering

Code and Classification of Areas of Training

8D072 Manufacturing and processing

Group of educational programs (EP)

D117 Metallurgical engineering

Language learning


The complexity of EP

180 credits

Distinctive features of EP


Partner University (JEP)


Purpose of the EP


The goal of the educational program is training of demanded scientific personnel - PhD doctors with in-depth scientific and pedagogical knowledge, able to plan and carry out scientific, pedagogical and production activities in the field of metallurgy of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

Name of the degree awarded

Doctor of Philosophy PhD

Field of professional activity

Research institutions of metallurgical engineering, production of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, higher educational institutions in the specialty profile

Learning out comes

LO1. Objectively analyze, critically evaluating new ideas and technological achievements in the field of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, having the skills to plan and publish the results of scientific research in the style of academic writing.

LO2. Possess the skills and methods used in theoretical and applied research on the processing of man-made waste with the optimization of technological parameters.

LO3. Analyze current trends in the development of the metallurgical industry in the world and Kazakhstan, assessing the key problems in the field of non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy, contributing to the introduction of promising, highly efficient technologies and equipment into production.

LO4. To carry out professional activities using modern methods of mathematical processing of research results based on information technology.

LO5. Effectively manage the team, showing leadership qualities, creativity and logical, systematic thinking when making operational management and technical decisions in non-standard situations in professional activities.

LO6.  To carry out pedagogical activity in the professional sphere on the basis of innovative technologies.

LO7. Possess methods of forecasting and optimization of metallurgical processes based on mathematical, thermodynamic modeling.

LO8. Own methods of economic analysis of the effectiveness of scientific research and the introduction of new innovative technologies.

LO9. To introduce scientific developments into practical activities, generating their own new ideas, transferring and offering their knowledge and ideas to the community, expanding the boundaries of scientific knowledge.

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