Teaching – methodical council

Teaching – methodical council

The management of TMC’s activity is realized by the Chairman, Pro-rector responsible for Training and Teaching Methodical Works, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor – K.Baibolov.

The Secretary of TMC is Candidate of Chemistry, Professor - Tassybayeva Sholpan.

 Primary purpose

Teaching-methodical council is one of the collegiate bodies of M. Auezov SKSU, coordinating methodical work at the University on the basis of the analysis of satisfaction level of students and teachers and the social needs. The TMC assists in development and conducting the arrangements directed to increase the efficiency and quality of academic process in professional training of specialists.

Normative bases of activity

Teaching-methodical council is guided by:

1. The law “About education” of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated from July 27, 2007.

2. The standard activity rules of Methodical (teaching-methodical, scientific-methodical) council and its election methods confirmed by the order of Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated from December 21, 2007, No.644.

3. The policy in the sphere of quality of M. Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University, approved by the Academic Council on October 09, 2015.

 Main tasks of teaching methodical council

 Main tasks of council are:

  • organization of methodical provision support quality monitoring of academic process;
  • planning, organization expert and recommendation to the edition of teaching, teaching-methodical and scientific-methodical literature, textbooks and other materials published at the University;
  • methodical provision and improvement of academic process at the University;
  • generalization and dissemination of advanced experience on organization and improvement of teaching-methodical and scientific-methodical work at faculties (higher schools);
  • improving the system of professional development, retraining and certification of teaching and scientific personnel, analysis of academic process;
  • preparation of recommendations on development of quality management system and introducing the results of methodical developments into academic process;
  • coordination of methodical work at faculties (higher schools);
  • organization of activities on introduction of new and improvement of existing technologies, methods, teaching aids at chairs of the University;
  • coordination of activities on improvement of scientific-methodical potential of teaching staff;
  • development of proposals on education development issues and formation of priority directions in its realization;
  • participation in educators certification.

 Main directions of the TMC activity

The basic activity directions of the Council are:

  • organization of expertise for work curriculums and course programs taking into account the requirements of compulsory state educational standards;
  • consideration and agreement of methodical commissions’ work plans of faculties (higher schools);
  • discussion and approval of work curriculums on certain subjects;
  • consideration of issues of teaching-methodical provisions of academic process at chairs;
  • discussion and suggestion of ideas on the projects of the normative legal documents improvement, concerning the issues of methodical provisions at the University;
  • organization of textbooks development, teaching-methodical aids, including electronic versions and didactic materials;
  • discussion of the ideas on improvement of the list of specialties (professions) on the basis of forecasting the priority directions of production technologies and science;
  • consideration of the issues about introducing the various forms of methodical work
  • directed to the improvement of teaching-educational process and giving practical help to teaching staff;
  • consideration and confirmation of the catalogue of elective courses;
  • confirmation of prerequisites and postrequisites;
  • agreement and confirmation of annual plans of methodical unions activity;
  • issues on development and examination of testing tasks and other forms of students’ knowledge control;
  • issues on methodical provision of student’s individual work and SDS with a supervisor guidance;

organization and realization of seminars, conferences, meetings on the improvement of teaching-methodical and scientific-methodical work.


Order of formation and structure of the TMC

The management of TMC activity is realized by the Chairman, - Pro-rector responsible for Teaching-Methodical Work.

The secretary is selected by open voting among the members of teaching-methodical council.

Personnel staff and work-plan of the TMC is approved annually by the rector according to the order of the University.

The term of TMC is 3 years with the possibility of an annual rotation.

The structure of the TMC is completed by the representatives of chairs, such as the teachers, Deans of the faculties (higher schools), pro-rector responsible for scientific research work and international cooperation, director of teaching-methodical union and others.

 Work organization of the TMC

The work of the TMC is carried out according to the annual plan of work adopted at the TMC’s session and confirmed by the rector of the University.

The meeting of the Counsel is hold at least one time in two months that is on the third week of uneven month.

According to the results of the considered issues at the meeting of the TMC recommendations of the TMC are adopted by the majority of votes of attending members and fixed with the minute.  The minutes of meetings and decisions of the TMC are signed by the chairman and the secretary of Teaching-methodical council.

The decisions of the TMC are obligatory for faculty (higher school) and chairs methodical bodies. 

The Council is considered to be competent if attended by at least two third of its members.

Once a year the chairman reports about the results of the TMC activity to the Academic Council of the University.

Each member of the TMC should visit all sessions of council, take an active part in its work, in time and exactly perform assigned orders.

The responsible person for preparation of issues represents the materials to the TMC secretary a week before the council’s session.

The secretary places the current information on the TMC’s web-site.


The TMC interacts with methodical commissions of faculties (committees on innovational technologies of education and methodical provisions of higher schools) and directly with the responsible for methodical work of chairs, coordinates and controls their work.


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