Department of means maintenance

Head of department

Baimbetov Naraly Abdirovich

Main building 348 office

Telephone: 8 (7252) 21-01-89

Department of Technical Means of Teaching (TMT) is the complex structured division of SKSU. Department together with methodical organs of the university, faculties and chairs perform the teaching methodical and scientific methodical functions for the purpose of provision for improving the academic process by means of introducing and acquiring the progressive methods and technical means of teaching.

The staff of department maintains 5 auditoriums, also assembly halls and conference halls, Self-study rooms, language laboratories, which select and prepare teaching methodical, video- and audio-materials according to the request of teachers, render aids in performing the lessons with the use of these  materials, and also self-directed work of students, record and rewriting the teaching materials.

Engineers of the department organize and perform video demonstrations of teaching video-films according to the request of teachers of chairs, and also participate in rewriting the teaching video-films into videocassettes.

Technician of the department provides qualitative sound at scientific, teaching and social events holding at the university, and also performs video-records from the teaching video-films.

Equipment maintenance engineer performs the service and maintenance of the equipments of department, and also minor and preventive repair of technical means according to the request of chairs and divisions. Head of the TMT makes the plans, controls, coordinates and organizes the work of the department, provides with necessary equipments and materials.

General positions

TMT department was created for organizing the wide and complex application of technical means in academic process. TMT department is in functional block of teaching part of university.


  • Equipping the HEI with technical devices and means of teaching and provide the use of them in teaching process.
  • Studying, generalizing and spreading the best experiences of using the technical means in teaching.
  • Working out the perspective, annual and current plans of modernization of academic process at HEI.
  • Technical and methodical support for faculties, chairs in many-sided and full-fledged use of technical means at academic process.


  • Holding of tutorials for teaching staff on the application of TMT.
  • Generalization and spreading the positive experience of the TMT in the academic process.
  • Teaching of study-support staff of the chairs that service TMT with operating rules and repair facilities.

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