February 11 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Today, a republican forum entitled "Gender equality is a guarantee of the country's prosperity" was held at M. Auezov SKU within the framework of a professional holiday organized by the Shymkent city branch of the "AMANAT" party. The chairman of the Shymkent city branch of the AMANAT party, B. Narymbetov, and the executive secretary, Zh. Bektayeva, participated in the forum and congratulated the women working in the field of science on the holiday.
The forum was attended by scientists who are actively participating in the public life of the country and have achieved achievements. According to the data, the proportion of women scientists in the world scientific community has reached 30 percent. And in our country, the share of female scientists participating in research and development works is 54 percent, that is more than 10 thousand people. And their number in science is growing every year. For example, in 2018, the number of female doctors of science was 595, and in 2023, the number of those who received the title of doctor of science increased by 714.

At the forum, the current status and achievements of women in science were discussed, and the issues awaiting resolution were discussed. During the forum, on behalf of the "AMANAT" party, letters of thanks were presented to women for their meritorious work in science and public service. Among them are the teachers of M. Auezov Educational Institution - S. Zholdasbekova, S. Sakibayeva, R. Niyazbekova, G. Otarbayeva, B. Mutaliyeva, E.V. Mitskaya, N. Dausheyeva, A. Kuzerbayeva, A. Otelbayeva, P. Parmankulova.

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