An event on the theme "The right to equality", dedicated to improving the quality and accessibility of inclusive services in the information and educational center

On June 3, 2022, the M. Auezov Educational and Information Center held a round table on the topic: "The right to equality" in order to ensure equal treatment of all people on the basis of inclusive education, to create conditions for students in need of special education. The event was attended by an expert manager on assistive technologies and accessibility of the library of Nazarbayev University Z.Abdykaimov and Director of the Shymkent City Special Library for Blind and Visually Impaired citizens B.Nurmanbetov, Secretary General of the Kazakhstan Golball Federation, President of the Kazakhstan Paravelosport Federation K. Sotsialovich, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Internationalization A.T.Iskakova, Doctor of Psychology G. Zh. Lekerova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Z. B. Kabylbekova, Director of the Department of Scientific Projects and Programs P. J. Parmankulova, Head of the Department of Social Support of Students A. A. Mamyt considered ways to ensure equal access to quality education for citizens with educational needs. With the support of the university, at the initiative of the Center for Information Education, favorable conditions are being created for students with special needs, to improve their academic performance, unhindered use of the academic environment and for processing printed and electronic library resources" two workplaces for people with visual impairments are equipped in the center: a special Center for inclusive services has been opened: software; computer typhoid complexes have been installed, typo-tools for blind and visually impaired users, reading machines, devices for enlarging text on the screen. Director of the Information Education Center I. K. Saurbayeva thanked the guests and active participants of the round table.

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