Department Academician Science


Head of the Department

Nazarbek Ulzhalgas Bakytkyzy

Doctor PhD

For correspondence:The Republic of Kazakhstan,

Shymkent, 160012, 5 Tauke Khan av.,

M. Auezov SKSU, building #16, room #222.

Tel.: +7(7252)30-05-71

Divisions of the Department of Academic Science


Basic functions and tasks of DAS are:

  • - organization of work, control and analysis of scientific activities of faculties and higher schools on directions, organization and holding of scientific conferences, seminars, preparation of semi-annual and annual reports on Scientific Research Work;

    - conducting consultations on the normative, legal and research work of the University's teaching staff, holding of seminars for young scientists of the university on the topic: "The organization of reports on Scientific Research Work";

    - participation in competitions, conferences, exhibitions and seminars of scientific-research works of scientists in the areas of technical and humanitarian and pedagogical specialties;

    - carrying out of analysis and summing up scientific and research work results of faculties and higher schools of technical, humanitarian and pedagogical specialties of the university;

    - reviewing and analyzing teaching staff’s individual plans for the implementation of the Scientific Research Work plan;

    - increasing the number of publications, including articles in foreign journals with high impact factor;

    - dissemination of information in international, national and regional publications on the possibility of publication;

    - complete with publications, issue of magazines issued in the M. Auezov SKSU;

    - ensuring the active participation of teaching staff in the publication of scientific works in leading journals and publications of the countries of near and far abroad, including with a high impact factor;

    - increasing the participation of University's teaching staff at republican and international research competitions and exhibitions;

    - organization and assistance in carrying out exhibitions and speeches in the media on scientific activity of the university, participation in various international, republican and regional scientific and technical competitions;

    - assistance to faculties and higher schools in organization and carrying out of international, republican and regional scientific-practical, scientific-theoretical seminars;

    - supporting the participation of teaching staff in international and national conferences held by third-party organizations;

    - organization and holding of International conferences "Industrial Technology and Engineering - International Conference of Industrial Technologies and Engineering" (ICITE), "AUEZOV READINGS";

    - preparation of annual report on Scientific Research Work to provide the results of scientific activity of the university at the Academic Council;

    - organization and holding of International scientific and practical conferences;

    - collect and analyze Scientific Research Work of teaching staff for a semi-annual report;

    - dissemination of information on international, republican and regional research competitions and exhibitions;

    - control and maintenance of the introduction the results of the Scientific Research Work of teaching staff of faculties and higher schools of the university into the educational process and in the field of production;

    - organization of the rating and KPI of the faculties and higher schools of the University for scientific activity.


    - attracting the students to rationalization work and inventive creativity;

    - creating favorable conditions for the development and functioning of various forms of scientific creativity of youth, based on domestic and foreign experience, the results of scientific and scientific and technological developments;

    - assistance to the comprehensive development of students' personality, the formation of their objective self-esteem, the acquisition of skills in creative teams, familiarization with organizational and innovative activities;

    - providing the students with the opportunity to use their forces in solving urgent problems in various areas of science and technology, to publish significant research results;

    - ensuring the effective selection of capable, gifted and talented youth to replenish the teaching and research staff of the university;

    - carrying out career guidance work among schoolchildren and college students by involving in the activities of the advisory center Department of Student Science;

    - holding of the annual Republican student scientific conference on natural, technical , social, humanitarian and economic sciences.


    • editing of scientific and methodological literature, information and normative documents to ensure a high scientific and literary level of publications;
    • implementation of the necessary literary editing of manuscripts;
    • preparation of footnotes, duplicates, working tables of contents;
    • consideration of illustrative materials together with authors, determination their place in the publication;
    • participation in resolving issues related to the artistic and technical design of editing publications;
    • interconnection and maintenance of contacts with foreign scientists;
    • growth of the international significance of “Industrial Technology and Engineering” journal;
    • increasing bibliographic information indicators of printed journals “Transactions of M. Auezov SKSU” and “South Kazakhstan Science Herald”;
    • to ensure the quality of current documentation;
    • conducting seminars and trainings at the Center of Professional Development and Interaction with foreign and domestic trainers-consultants in cooperation with the British Council.



160012, Shyment City, Tauke khan avenue, 5


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