Scientific-research department

Head of the Department

Nazarbek Ulzhagas Bakytkyzy

Doctor PhD

For correspondence:The Republic of Kazakhstan,

Shymkent, 160012, 5 Tauke Khan av.,

M. Auezov SKSU, building #16, room #222.

Tel.: +7(7252)30-05-71

Scientific research departments


Basic functions and tasks of SRW are:

  • realization of Policy and Aims of SKSU in the field of quality;
  • fulfiling obligations in the sphere of quality and requirements of quality management system;
  • realization of aims of SRW in the field of quality;
  • planning, organization, co-ordinating and control of research, imaginative-creative activity of university in accordance with basic directions of activity of university and the profile of training specialists;
  • forming thematic plan of SRW of university on the basis of state orders to carry out fundamental researches and applied developments, and also subjects of dissertation works;
  • organization, planning, co-ordination and control of scientific activity of SRW , scientific centers and laboratories within the university;
  • creating conditions for the students in acquiring research methods of cognition; -teaching students to acquire methods and ways of independent solving research and technological issues and labour skills in research teams;
  • acquainting students with methods of research organizing;
  • assistance in successful solving the actual research and technical tasks of socio – economic development. - scientific – technical and organization –methodics supervision of the work on standardization in the University subdivisions, providing for them technical assistance, design of technical assignments for development of projects of standards and other research ND, being developed according to the University plan.
  • participation in carrying out research work and НИОКР necessary for development and introduction of standards and other normative documents (ND) -joint development of project of standards and other normative documents, including additions to standards, participation in meetings with other subdivisions of the University.
  • periodic revision of standards and normative documents, approved by the University, if their content doesn’t correspond to the requirements and level of engineering development
  • control of the fund of standards and normative documents used in the University, their subscribers registration, timely introduction of changes into them, withdrawal and cancellation of documentation, right documentation record and storage, storage of control copies of documentation and introduction changes into them.
  • finding industrial property objects and providing of their protection in the country and if necessary abroad;
  • finding objects of copyrights and providing them with state registration in the of Intellectual Property Committee of Jurisprudence Ministry of Republic of Kazakstan;
  • improving the quality of specialists training through active employment of research results in the teaching process, wide involment of students into the realization of economic based and state budget based research;
  • observance of requirements of methods of measurements fulfillment and tests performance with required accuracy;
  • control of the quality of the manufactured and realized production according to the agreements, control of their conformity to the requirements of ND and State Standard;
  • mastering new methods of measurements (tests), new progressive systems of measurement;
  • providing necessary conditions to carry out of measuremets (tests) with the required accuracy(temperature, humidity, illumination, etc) and in the case of disagreement taking necessary steps;
  • control of observance of instructions on systems of measurement maintenance and test equipment of laboratories;
  • organizing the qualification improvement of specialists of laboratories to provide the measurements (tests) with required accuracy, timely attestation in correspondence with acting recommendations and statements;
  • providing observance of labour protection, engineering safety and fire – prevention measures according to the acting instructions in laboratories;
  • providing services to the University subdivisions with the framework of its activity and providing information about the results in the accepted order.
  • Signing economic agreements with industrial enterprises, research and educational institutions, commercial firms and companies for development and transfer of research –technical production.
  • Providing services on an agreement basis for companies and individuals on physico-chemical analysis, measurements, building-mechanical tests performance.
  • providing assistance in organizing research-production activity;
  • organization and holding research conferences in various directions with publication of conferences materials;
  • publicity-information activity, publication of booklets, information collections, organizing subject exhibitions and presentation of research products at national and international exhibitions;
  • development of research-production activity to manufacture goods of peoples consumption, processing agriculture products and manufacturing production items;
  • extension and development of the experimental-production basis to carry out research and create technological equipment to manufacture research-technical products, and also of training laboratories;
  • participation in the appraisal of materials, prepared for open publication to prevent early spreading of information about engineering solutions that can be acknowledged as inventions.

Chief specialist of the research department

Torgautova Sholpan Ashiralievna

Master of History

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For correspondence: The Republic of Kazakhstan,

Shymkent, 160012, 5 Tauke Khan av., M. Auezov SKSU,

building №16, room №222.

Tel.: +7 (7252) 30-05-71



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